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A web CMS that focus on UX and adaptability

Composite C1 CMS is a fully featured free open source web Content Management System developed for (and by) web professionals who focus on customized websites and content.


The user interface is very functional and task oriented and enables users of varying skills to effectively complete tasks and cooperate using familiar tools.

Composite C1 is very end-user friendly and easy to navigate and use when editing content.

The Editor and Developer UI runs in all the major browsers on Windows and Mac OS. The user interface is available in English, German, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian and Dutch.

Developers can manage layouts and extend the system using any choice of ASP.NET Razor, Web Forms, MVC and XSLT. Like the back-end developers, front-end developers are highly empowered and able to control website look and feel down to minute detail.

With the system being based on .NET 4 developers have access to the latest technologies, a pluggable well designed architecture & API and full LINQ data access.

High-end technical skills are not a requirement to build websites with Composite C1, but if you've got them, you will pwn the system.

This is a flexible system with easy setup, easy Windows Azure migration, both file based and SQL Server data support, a lot of free easy-to-install add-ons and a set of premium offerings (corporate website add-ons, support, upgrade services, full warranty licensing). All of this makes Composite C1 a customizable and scalable product, in terms of price, service and freedom.

A very strong emphasis on quality, documentation, flexibility and developer community make Composite C1 a developer friendly CMS that you can influence and be a part of.

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Getting started http://docs.composite.net/C1/Getting-started.aspx
Screenshot 1: Composite C1 Add Page Wizard huge.png - Adding a page (1600x1200)
Screenshot 2: Composite C1 Image Editor.png - Build in image editor (800x600, resized)
Screenshot 3: Composite C1 on OS X.png - How it looks on a Mac (800x600, resized)
Screenshot 4: Composite C1 SEO Preview.png - Previewing a page with SEO tool (800x600, resized)
Screenshot 5: Composite C1 Data Type Editor.png - Editing a data type (800x600, resized)
Screenshot 6: Composite C1 XSLT Source Code Editor.png - Working with XSLT (800x600, resized)

Composite C1 development was initially started in 2007 and was sold under a full warranty closed source license. September 2010 it was released as Open Source under the Mozilla Public License. The background in closed source is reflected in the quality and usability of the software. Latest source code and installs available on CodePlex.

Nice to know:
1. Composite C1 is XML based, no need for database. There is MS SQL provider (free).
2. This website running on Composite C1 since October 2010 (before it was custom made engine on ASP.NET, than it's moved to Umbraco). I'd prefer use Composite C1 for my next projects.
3. Composite C1 was succesfully tested on DotNetPark servers (this website hosted with DotNetPark).

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